Thursday, December 16, 2004

Mer... Meh... Merr... Merry...

So now the Christian Right (including the cartoonist I've linked above) would have you believe that Liberals can't wish their fellows a Merry Christmas.

As both a Liberal and a Christian, I will be celebrating the season and swapping season's greeting with my fellow Christians. And if you feel like wishing me a Merry Christmas, please do so! (Trust me, for those who know me, it's no secret that I'm a Christian and that I'll respond in kind.)

I don't understand why this year's battle is fighting to reclaim the season's greeting -- after all, it already belongs to us! There are many in this country who may prefer to offer (and receive) wishes for a Happy Holiday because they celebrate other faiths or none at all. And isn't it better that way? I mean, I'd prefer not to dilute the meaning of Merry Christmas to "Happy Time of the Year in which We Put Trees Indoors and Buy Presents" because we're trying to force those who don't believe to use the phrase.

I'd rather that Christians maintain the "Holy Time of Year We Celebrate the Birth of Our Saviour" meaning of Merry Christmas than batter others over the head with the phrase. After all, if we're not assaulting others with our holy days, people are more likely to ask what we're so happy about!