Saturday, January 15, 2005

Democrats, Christian Independents Reach Compromise

February 10, 2019
WASHINTON, D.C.— Christian Independents claim another victory as they have reached a compromise on their coalition bill with Democrats for this legislative season. The Christian Independents’ biggest priority for the bill was funding HIV vaccinations for preschool-aged children in low-income families. In turn, the Christian Independents have agreed to support the Democrats’ top priority of further reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the United States over the next 12 years.

Senate Leader Loretta Beal, CI-Nevada, said, “We promised Christian voters in our campaigns last year that we would finally help the most vulnerable victims of this terrible disease, and voters responded by entrusting us with an unprecedented 16 senate seats. Working with Democratic leadership on this issue has been very productive, and I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s vote.”

After last November’s election, Republicans hold 43 senate seats, the Democrats 41, the Christian Independents 16. As a result, both of the major parties have agreed to work on coalition bills with the Christian Independents to get their top legislative priorities passed. Republicans and Christian Independents begin working on their coalition bill in two weeks.